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About SuspAct

SuspAct was founded by Boudewijn Evenhuis while working in design, testing and setup of motorcycle suspension on the world championship level. SuspAct motoGP Suspension Tuning During this time it was clear to him that good motorcycle suspension can only prove itself when proper data is reviewed and used improve the chassis.

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Many race teams struggle to understand the effect of the changes they make to the race bike. It is clear that balancing chassis setup is the key to improving your motorcycles performance. At the time there was no software publicly available for comparing chassis dimensions and motorcycle geometry. Because of this, Boudewijn started programming the SuspAct software we offer to you now. This is the first software of this kind offered to the general consumer that includes bike dimensions and suspension forces available for purchase. SuspAct software has turned in to a practical tool that is easy to use, with very powerful functions.


SuspAct geometry software enables you to:

  • Calculate and compare the geometry setup of 5 motorcycles
  • Analyze parameters that effect steering and handling of the motorcycle.
  • Analyze static suspension forces 


The SuspAct geometry is developed in a racing environment. This means that the software is easy to use with a practical approach. Changing one thing at a time is the first rule you learn in motorcycle setup, but:

Q: How many parameters change when you "only" change the shock length?


SuspAct software forces you to work in an accurate way and work in one direction with your setups. While using the software you learn about which items are important for the handling characteristics of your bike.

SuspAct is now available to North American customers exclusively through SuspAct North America.